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We can help you become you again

It's hard to be your best self when all you can see is your worst self.


See and be seen for who you truly are

We’ve been there. Drawing from our own personal recovery experiences and embodiment practices, every member of our care team will help you start seeing — and being — you again.


Becoming you again is no small thing.

It just takes a small group. Our unusually small group sizes (between 6-8 individuals) provide the ideal environment for emotional processing work, the highly individualized care and deep therapeutic relationships necessary for personal transformation.


Lasting transformation requires lasting relationships.

When you join Embodied Recovery, you join a community dedicated to ensuring that you stay you. Here, you’ll find the resources and continued support that always knows your name.

Yesterday you said tomorrow

Let’s start transforming your suffering of addiction or mental health challenges into lasting soul growth and embodied living together, today.